How to Writing Your Journal Article

How to Writing your journal article
If you’re thinking of writing a piece of writing for submission to a journal printed by IOP commercial enterprise, please browse this section 1st. it should prevent time format your article and improve your probabilities of being printed.
What we glance for in your article, commercial enterprise considers for publication in our journals articles that:
1Report original science and add considerably to analysis already printed2Are of interest to the community3Are scientifically rigorous4Have sound motivation and purpose5Have not been published antecedently within the peer reviewed literature6Are not into account for publication in the other peer reviewed journal or book accessible through a library or by purchase7Comply with our preprint pre-publication policy (see below), and8Comply with our moral policy.
It is significantly necessary for you to think about whether or not you have got enough new results before getting down to arrange Associate in academics write a paper for submission to an journal. reportage progressive development from previous work is sometimes not adequate (Information from “Cara kirim paper ke jurnal internasional”).
Articles supported theses for higher degrees could also be submitted. you ought to beware to make sure that such articles square measure ready within the format of a quest paper, that is additional aphoristic than is acceptable for a thesis.
Articles reportage work that was originally bestowed at a conference could also be submitted, provided these articles don’t seem in considerably identical kind in a very peer reviewed, printed conference continuing. Again, you ought to make sure the format of a quest paper is employed. The article length ought to even be applicable to the content. just in case of doubt, please enquire with the relevant journal.
Reports that don’t seem to be accessible to the final public don’t seem to be regarded by as previous publications. several journals printed by think about a variety of various article varieties additionally to regular analysis papers, as well as special issue articles, topical reviews, comments and replies. However, please check via the journal homepage that your article is of appropriatearticle sort and suitable scope before submission.
All articles square measure judged alone on their scientific deserves. Unbiased thought is given to all or any manuscripts offered for publication, in spite of whether or not or not the authors request publication on a gold open access basis and in spite of the race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, citizenship, political philosophy, sexual orientation, age or name of the authors.
We treat all submitted articles as confidential till they’re printed and that they can solely be shared with those referees, board members, editors and employees square measure directly concerned within the review of the article.
(An exception to the current would be if it’s felt necessary to share the article with further external parties so as to analyze a attainable breach of the moral policy.)
Article transfer service, As a part of our service to authors, commercial enterprise offers a free article transfer service with every of our journals. If your submission to your initial journal of selection is unsuccessful, we have a tendency to might counsel another one in all our titles for you to think about, that we have a tendency to believe could be a additional appropriate home for your analysis.
If you settle for this suggestion, we are going to transfer all info about your article to the new journal (including referee reports if available), therefore your submission will be thought of for publication by the new journal immediately.
When you pass through a journal you may be asked to pick a piece of writing sort for your manuscript. the foremost common article varieties square measure (see individual journal sites for variations and any accessible article types):
Paper, Reports of high-quality original analysis with conclusions representing a major advance within the field
Letter, Outstanding aphoristic articles, reportage necessary, new and timely developments. These articles ought to be worthy of priority review, and you’re needed to transfer a justification statement in conjunction with your submission
Special issue article, Invited articles, which is able to kind a special assortment of papers on a particular theme. once asked to pick ‘Article Type’ on the submission system, please choose ‘Special Issue Article’.
Then choose the special issue you are submitting to within the change posture box that seems
Topical review, Written by leading researchers in their fields, these articles gift the background to and summary of a specific field, and also the current state of the art. Topical review articles square measure usually invited by the Editorial Board
Comment, Comment or criticism on work antecedently printed within the journal. These square measure typically printed with Associate in Nursing associated Reply.
Corrigendum, a piece of writing to correct Associate in academics omission or error in Associate in Academics author’s article.