Preparing Your Supply files for Journal Articles

Preparing your supply files for journal articles
The guidelines below offer the essential info you would like to organize your article supply files (i.e. the files that you just use to make your complete PDF). Naming your files, Please name all of your files per the subsequent guidelines: 1Use solely characters from the set a to z, A to Z, zero to nine associate degreed underscore (_)2Do not use areas in file names3Include an extension to point the file sort (for example, .doc, .txt, .eps, etc)4Do not use any accented characters (for example, etc) as a result of these will cause difficulties once process your files. additionally to the on top of points, please provide figure files names indicating the numbers of the figures they contain; as an example, figure file contains a figure with multiple components, as an example figure 2(a) to 2(e), provides it a reputation, then forth.
Article text files. A category file is obtainable to assist authors prepare articles for thought by Journals, do you have to would like to use it. The files square measure accessible in zipped format and tar gzipped format (Information from “Cara Publikasi Skripsi”):
Note that there’s associate degree incompatibility between amsmath.sty and  file cls that can’t be fully worked around. If your article depends on commands in amsmath.sty that don’t seem to be accessible in file cls, you’ll would like to think about employing a totally different category file.
Microsoft Word. Articles may be ready mistreatment Microsoft Word for Windows or raincoat. Fonts used ought to be restricted to the quality font families (Times, Helvetica, traveler or Symbol). If special symbols square measure required (e.g. Greek characters, accented characters or mathematical symbols), these ought to be typewritten mistreatment the acceptable TrueType font. don’t use the image facility on the ‘Insert’ menu as this typically leads to font conversion issues.
Equations should be ready mistreatment Microsoft Word Equation Editor or the total business MathType package.
Figure files, For articles ready mistreatment LaTeX2e, please make certain that your figures square measure all equipped as vector Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and joined to your main TeX files mistreatment applicable figure inclusion commands like \includegraphics. For articles ready mistreatment Word, wherever doable please additionally offer all figures as separate graphics files (in addition to being embedded within the text).
Our most popular graphics format is EPS. These files may be used on to provide high-quality results, and file sizes square measure tiny as compared with most image forms.
Vector formats, The advantage of vector graphics is that they furnish the most effective doable quality the least bit output resolutions. so as to urge the most effective doable results, please note the subsequent vital points: Fonts used ought to be restricted to the quality font families (Times, Helvetica, traveler or Symbol). bound proprietary vector graphics formats like Origin, Kaleidagraph, Cricket Graph and antelope Plot mustn’t be sent in their native format. If you are doing use these applications to make your figures, please export them as EPS.
Archive and compress your files. you’ll mix all of your files (article text, graphics files and, if applicable, the readme.txt file) into one compressed archive file for easy handling and to save lots of you time and house. Please archive your files into a zipper file. To transfer this file sort, select the ‘source files’ designation once you submit. If you have got any issue archiving or submitting files, please contact U.S. for help. journals operate the single-blind review method, within which referees recognize the identity of the authors however authors don’t recognize the identity of the referees. whereas all our journals operate the single-blind review method, our flagship open access journal New Journal of Physics and our ‘Express’ journals (Materials analysis specific, Plasma analysis specific, Engineering analysis specific, and medicine Physics & Engineering Express) additionally supply a double-blind critique choice.
Authors World Health Organization select the double-blind choice on submission to those journals stay anonymous to the referees throughout the review method. Authors square measure accountable for anonymizing their manuscript before submitting their paper. A list is obtainable to assist authors with this method.
From October 2019, 3 of our journals (JPhys Materials, Journal of Neural Engineering and Environmental analysis Letters) square measure taking part in an exceedingly one year trial of clear critique.
This trial allows the open publication, aboard a printed article, of that article’s entire critique content (reviewer reports, author responses associate degreed call letters) in an simply ascertainable and citable type. we tend to hope that this bigger transparency can improve the standard of the review method, in addition as enhancing readers’ understanding of articles and giving additional recognition to the work of peer reviewers. throughout this test period, each authors and reviewers can have chooseion|the choice} of chooseing out of clear critique ought to they want to (and reviewers World Health Organization do opt in could prefer to stay anonymous): the critique history can solely seem for articles wherever the author and (all) reviewers opt in. commercial enterprise retains the proper to create minor edits to reports to enhance readability and guarantee they’re appropriate for publication, and in exceptional circumstances to withdraw reports.