Choosing the Correct Journal for Your Work

Choosing the correct journal for your work
It may be tempting to start writing a paper before giving a lot of thought to wherever it would be printed. but we tend to make a case for here the importance of selecting the correct journal 1st and also the key factors to contemplate.
Choosing the correct journal to focus on before you write your paper. it’s going to be tempting to start writing a paper before giving a lot of thought to wherever it would be printed. However, selecting a journal to focus on before you start to arrange your paper can alter you to tailor your writing to the journal’s audience. it’ll conjointly alter you to format your paper per any specific pointers, that you’ll notice on the journal’s web site. this could prevent heaps of your time and energy within the end of the day. a number of the key factors to contemplate once making an attempt to settle on the correct journal for your work are (Information from “Cara Publikasi Tesis”):
Peer review service. referee is taken into account a stamp of quality from the analysis community. it’s necessary to contemplate whether or not a journal is printed by a well-thought-of and trustworthy publisher United Nations agency provides a rigorous referee service (as business will for all its journals). If quick publication is very important to you, you’ll conjointly would like to see with the publisher the publication times for the journal you’re considering.
Relevance/ audience. you must browse printed articles within the journal to determine whether or not the journal publishes similar papers to the one you’re getting ready.
Check whether or not your peers publish within the journal. it’s going to conjointly facilitate to review the make-up of the Editorial Board to check if it contains senior researchers in your field.
Scope. The scope could also be found on the journal homepage. it’s necessary to contemplate whether or not your work fits among the scientific scope of the journal and also the topics lined. conjointly think about whether or not the journal is broad in its scope or a specialist journal browse primarily by a specific community, as this may have an effect on the manner that you simply write your paper. Another thought is that the article sorts the journal publishes. for instance, some work is best suited to the shorter ‘Letter’ format, whereas different work could suit the longer ‘Paper’ format.
Reputation/quality level. you must think about the name of the journal in its field and whether or not it’s thought-about to be of top quality.
Also, you must believe whether or not it’s wide browse by your peers. name is commonly supported impact issue, that may be a live of the typical citations of papers printed within the journal. High impact issue journals could have high rejection rates, therefore in selecting an acceptable journal you must think about simply however novel/significant your analysis findings ar.
Indexing. you must check whether or not the journal is indexed within the major on-line databases like internet of Science or Scopus (this is mostly the case for all journals). assortment will increase the visibility and discoverability of the work, and should indicate a sure journal. For our journals, this data may be found below ‘Abstracted in’ on the journal homepages.
Language necessities. Most international journals publish papers written in English. you must think about the language necessities of the journal, and whether or not you may ought to have your paper checked by a native English speaker to confirm that it’s perceivable. journals supply authors a language piece of writing service.
Cost. The journal web site ought to inform you of any fees that you simply could also be charged, and you must think about whether or not your establishment or funder are going to be able to cowl the charge if there’s one. for instance, charges could apply for color figures or for business your paper on a (gold) open access basis.
Publishing model: open access or subscription? the value of business a paper may be procured in an exceedingly variety of the way. historically, libraries and different establishments pay a subscription fee to receive individual journals or collections of titles for his or her researchers. this can be called the subscription model and, as associate author, you always don’t got to pay a fee to publish a paper in an exceedingly subscription journal. you’ll but incur a page charge for a few journals or be charged for color figures.
The (gold) open access business model permits printed papers to be freely accessible for anyone to browse. this implies that authors, analysis establishments or funding organizations could fund the prices of business. In return, authors make sure that everybody will access their work. If you would like to submit for (gold) open access publication (most journals printed by business supply this option) continually consult with your establishment to confirm that there ar funds accessible to hide the article process charges.