From Acceptance to Publication of Your Journal Article

From acceptance to publication of your journal article
Here we tend to describe what happens to your article when acceptance, as well as the choice of getting your accepted manuscript created on the market inside twenty four hours, and also the proof checking stage. What we tend to do together with your article when acceptance, when acceptance, your article are print into our house vogue exploitation the supply files that you just have provided. This includes conversion of figure files and filler them to suit the journal templet. a symbol can then be created, that you may be asked to envision.
Most business enterprise journals supply the choice to create the Accepted Manuscript version on the market inside twenty four hours of acceptance. At now, you’ll be able to begin to push your paper to your peers (see the ‘After publication’ section for a lot of details) (Information from “Cara publikasi jurnal internasional“).
For more data on the ‘Accepted Manuscript’ method, and that of our journals supply this selection, please see our Accepted Manuscripts page.
Please note that, in exceptional circumstances, we tend to reserve the proper to withdraw a commentary at any time before business enterprise. Checking the proofs of your journal article, you may be contacted by email once the proof of your article is prepared for you to envision. you must check your proof rigorously and come corrections exploitation the online page provided. this is often the foremost economical thanks to send them to US. Please provide associate degree annotated PDF file exploitation the strikethrough, replacement text and insert text functions.
For alternative changes, please add a sticky note. Please guarantee all changes ar visible via the ‘Comments’ list within the annotated PDF so your corrections aren’t lost. or else, you’ll be able to provide an inventory of changes that clearly indicates wherever amendments ar needed.
Please don’t resupply a brand new supply file as a result of it’s troublesome to spot corrections and a few might be lost. the final word responsibility for guaranteeing the accuracy of the revealed article rests with you, the author. If you’re possible to be absent throughout the proof review amount then please allow us to grasp so we will contact your co-authors (if applicable) or extend the point in time consequently. within the unlikely event that we tend to don’t hear from you for a chronic amount, we tend to could publish the article while not your corrections.
When checking your proof, you must take explicit care to envision the arithmetic, tables and references. solely essential corrections ought to be created at this stage. you must give new files if figures want correction. you must check the accuracy of your original diagrams terribly rigorously before submission; we tend to cannot settle for responsibility for any errors in original diagrams.
Publication of your journal article, Once you’ve got sent your proof corrections, they’ll be applied in accordance with the journal vogue. The paper can then be revealed on-line as quickly as doable, usually inside a month of acceptance.
For journals that ar written, print publication might not happen for a few time reckoning on the frequency of the journal. you may be told by email once your paper is revealed on-line, and invited to produce feedback via a survey on the publication method. The revealed version of your article also will be on the market from your ‘My science’ account, permitting you to transfer the revealed PDF at any time (even if you are doing not have a subscription to the journal).
Purchasing reprints of a journal article, Reprints of a journal article is purchased directly from the article abstract page in science, via the ‘Buy this text in print’ link within the Article data section (circled in red within the screenshot). For orders in more than 300 copies
After publication of your article, Here we tend to describe what we tend to do, and what you’ll be able to do, to push and lift the visibility of your revealed article. we tend to additionally define the assorted choices and procedures for creating post-publication corrections.
Promoting your article when it’s revealed. Introduction, you may be told by email once your paper is revealed on-line. Publication ought to be the beginning of subsequent vital introduce human activity your research: promoting your paper. actuality price and impact of your paper is greatly increased by promotion. The a lot of people that browse, cite and like your analysis, the a lot of valuable your paper becomes and also the bigger your esteem as associate degree author. this is often a lot of vital than ever provided that the impact of analysis papers is more and more being scrutinized by funders and establishments.
As a learned-society publisher, we tend to ar committed to operating closely with you to confirm that your article reaches as wide associate degree audience as doable.
What we tend to do to assist increase the impact of your work, business enterprise undertakes variety of initiatives to push papers and create them wide on the market. We: Publicize selected papers as a part of (print and online) subject collections and annual journal highlights collections. Highlight significantly fascinating work exploitation social media (e.g. Twitter and Facebook). provide print media coverage to chose papers on our science news/community websites. promulgation significantly interesting papers.
Publish and promote authors’ video abstracts
Display the amount of downloads and citations every article receives, and additionally altmetrics like variety of tweets and journal entries, on the journal web site (on science). provide perpetual access to eprints freed from charge to corresponding authors from their My science page (an account can got to be created if you are doing not have already got one). this may change you to transfer the revealed PDF file. though we tend to try and promote as several articles as doable as wide as we will, you because the author ar typically the simplest placed to confirm your article is seen by the foremost relevant audience.